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Merry Thanksgiving

It’s holiday season here in the United States of America as well as throughout the entire continent that is North America, i.e. Latin America and the Caribbean. I am sure there are other countries the world over that are getting into the holiday spirit if they celebrate this specific holiday. Alternatives such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and other holidays celebrated in other religions; people who partake in those celebrations can too be seen getting into the ‘spirit’. I myself do not really ‘get into the spirit’ of these holiday seasons as I’ve seen many other citizens, resident and visitors have recently in the USA.

I wouldn’t say it is because I am not thankful and grateful for all that Jah has blessed me with. Nor would I say it is because I have not set foot into a church sanctuary in well over a year. But I believe it has more so to do with the fact that I see folks becoming more engulfed in the materialism of the holiday spirits and not so much the theology behind it all. Granted many people do not like to think about the more profound reasoning for why they celebrate this time of the year outside of the birth of Jesus Christ and the Thanksgiving to him for the blessings those Pilgrims and Puritans received after coming to the New World. But I think that’s the issue with the younger generation and is partially the fault of our parents. One, we do not actively seek knowledge – we tend to just take things as they are presented to us without questioning too much of anything. Two, some parents of the current generation do not take the time out to share the knowledge they have with their children – partially because some are just plain ole lazy and the other are probably not challenged by their children so they do not defend the knowledge they hold.

So what does that mean for today’s generations? A SLEW OF THINGS I TELL YOU! For starters, it means that as a generation we are not very interested in the past we come from, whether it was a positive one or one full of struggle. Much of our ‘history’ starts with our grandparents and parents lives and continues into our lives and moves forward from there… Classes are made ‘available’ such as American History, World History as well as the opportunity we have to study History in College/University and focus on a specific region but of the few students that actually take up such undertakings, what information is discussed with their classmates who are not History majors? Not much, if any.

The lack of interest in one’s history and the fact that those who hold the knowledge do not actively share the information adds to this problem (depending on your stance on this topic). For some people this is not an issue, the past is just that [the past] and it should be left right where it is. I personally disagree with that mentality and mindset. I myself am not as active of a history seeker as those who study it academically but I find myself becoming more intrigued by the past of my family, my ancestors, my country, etc. I feel as an active participant and often times critic of what goes on in the world, I should probably educate myself on what it took for us to get here, why it is we are here and innovate ways for a positive solution to be created to help. Now I’m not looking to cure cancer or be the next Bill Gates but I am trying to do my part to bring more international recognition to my little island in the sun that is Bermuda and to support a culture that although geographically my country does not fit into the category, culturally we do and that is the culture of the Caribbean (specifically the music).

I said all of that to say. Tis the season to be jolly. But that should be all year round. I remix that to say “tis the season to seek knowledge” – they say knowledge is power and that education lends to knowledge, I believe that is all fine and dandy but for me – personally – I chose wisdom and to seek that which I do not know. Not to boast about how much information I have stored in my brain, how high my grades I received while in school or to show off the paper that says I am a degree holder BUT to share what knowledge I have with the kid who was born and raised in my country, who is looking for someone to look up to outside of the examples he/she has back home because they are not doing what it is he/she wants to do or because they do not encourage him/her to go for his/her dreams, not matter how far-fetched they seem.

I hope the effort I am putting forth will one day be recognized as being a positive influence on those that are coming up after me and that I am helping to create a solution and not adding to the problem. I charge you to hope for the same and if you know that your efforts are not positive, PLEASE switch the vybz and pree positivity so we can FINALLY end the WAR, just like Uncle Bob and H.I.M. spoke of.

Until next time – Namaste


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