There are a slew of words I can use to describe myself. (Intricate. News Junkie. Caring. Music Enthusiast. Fun-Lover. Dorky. Independent. Spelmanite. DJ Fanatic.) These words only encapsulate a mere portion of who I am as an individual. I won’t bore you with an entire list of “Who I Am” details, I will simply tell you that this blog will showcase exactly who I am as an individual. As often as I can, I will blog about whatever I chose; with over 90,000 tweets posted on Twitter so far, I definitely have a lot that I can talk about. This blog site will feature posts rooted in Economics, Politics, Music, Entertainment and Caribbean Culture. Feel free to comment under any post, I will try to engage my readers as much as possible.

If you so chose, follow me on Twitter: my username is @misstkms

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