The Leaders of Tomorrow

It seems that political season never really goes anywhere throughout the years but citizens tends to pay closer attention during election years. For the most part, citizens only care about the policies that affect their ability to continue to live their lives as they did in the previous year. Fundamentally there are many issues with that because the ‘noise makers‘ only see to be the ones who either work in a specific profession, the families of such people or a union who is responsible for the fair treatment of its members. Yet, many people in society disregard the voices of such people because it doesn’t affect them currently – so they choose not to give it any energy, that would just be positive energy negatively wasted. But a different scene does occur when the issue spills over into the front yards of many within the society.

One of the most controversial of such issues, in my opinion, is education. Due to the historical make up of many countries of the world, the ideology of an elite class, a middle class and a lower class has separated mankind for centuries. Today, many try to pretend that this ideology does not play an active role in the opportunities afford to a person. Many believe the false idea that if you are simply a hardworking individual you will be able to achieve the same amount of success no matter of your financial background. A fantasy ideology this is. In a perfect world, we would live in a time of nondiscrimination; the equality we all have in the eyes of Jah would be the same in the eyes of man. However, we currently do not live in such a world.

Being from a wealthy family does afford certain students more opportunities than their counterparts who do not have access to such wealth. For example, many students who come from households with healthy income levels tend to go to private schools and technical schools that focus on specific skill sets. While those who do not have such access tend to go to government funded public schools and obtain the general education that the public school system can afford them. Personally, having gone to a public school myself in Bermuda, I believe that both school systems are adequately able to educate their students to be competitive in the market place for labour or when applying to post-secondary institutions. However, the issue arises from the outside looking in. Employers and admissions officers tend to judge a students academic ability based on whether a school may or may not have been an institution where school fees were paid. Because let’s face it, if parents are willing to pay money to have their child educated the knowledge the child receives should be one of the best that money can buy.

Many of us have that idea in our minds when we compare public schools to private institutions. Henceforth, we create a bias that unfairly puts those students whose parents could not afford to send them to a private school but who can compete academically against those who attended a private school just as fiercely as private school student could. There needs to exists a level playing field for all students, no matter what educational background they have; whether private or public. I feel that no matter which a student obtained they should be required to compete with each other on the same level. However, that does not mean that since the private school student may have been exposed to more advanced topics we will test all students on the higher level because we know that those who attended public schools may not be able to compete. THAT WOULD BE UNFAIR.

The motivation for this post is for government officials. Not only do educators need to be held to a specific standard but the curriculum that is taught to students needs to go through similar process for which private schools conduct their faculty. If educators of private school students are required to create a lesson plan each month and have it approved prior to the month starting, then this is what public school teachers should be required to as well. If educators of private schools are required to modify their lessons plans to account for topics that were not covered in the month prior, for whatever reason, then the same needs to happen within the public schools. If educators of public school students required students to do research outside of what topics are being discussed in class to build upon the foundations taught in class, well I think public school students should be required to do the same things.

I say this not knowing exactly what is required of educators in the different countries around the world. I say this unaware of whether these are actually occurring in classrooms across the globe. I say this because just because something is required, an educator ‘shows‘ her classroom paperwork and it passes the fundamental level but if students are not learning or retaining information than all of that ‘hardwork‘ is being done in vain.

I know that the differences between public and private school education are directly correlated to the monies paid into the system by the parents and/or taxpayers of a nation. I think parents need to stop placing the blame solely on the government and the government needs not to place blame solely on the educators. Equal responsibility needs to distributed to all parties involved, including the students and everyone needs to make an effort to make a change. A change that will not only benefit the government monetarily, the parents financially, the students academically as well as the educator mentally.

We all want to see positive change in the world, but if we are not willing to be the change we wish to see – how can we even desire such change?

Until next time – Namaste


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