An Alumna Homecoming

So I rant and rave about Spelman College and my Caribbean friends that I have made in the AUC. My college experience was a memorable one and I honestly can’t say that it has really ended in the sense that the same people I have met through being a Spelmanite and now a Spelman Woman have not really gone anywhere, seeing as they are all pretty much still based in Atlanta. LOL. Nonetheless homecoming for me is an excuse to enjoy the music that I love on a whole other level and ALL day.

This year was absolutely no different except for the fact that I am now a Spelman College ALUMNA – Class of 2012 – in case you did not know already. What a joy it was to walk on campus to enjoy the party vybz no longer as a student but as member of the Alumnae community. Dressed in my homemade ILC tees crop top, which donned a question that islanders cannot answer. I arrived late, but honestly that is NOTHING new because I’m a West Indian and CP time is but a mere joke to us. If you need me to be somewhere you’d be fair warned to tell me to be there at a time probably an hour or so earlier, to ensure that I get there by the time  you want me to arrive. LOL

DJ Kaos. DJ J Dash. Selector 3D. These gentlemen were the one responsible for half of my great time. The other half can be credited to the actual music that was played, I am truly in love with Caribbean music. I realize more and more each day just how obsessed I am with it. If Caribbean music were a man, he would consider me to be stingy, clingy and just downright all up in his space ALL THE TIME. With that said, I have heard from many who were in attendance at the SpelHouse Homecoming 2012 that the ISO section was the livest. That comes as no surprise to me because for the past two years, before this year, I have  attended I had an amazing time and that was the review I received previously.

Although I did not receive any, there was an abundance of food available for consumption. My ultimate goal that day was to have as much fun as I could because with these colder months approaching the likelihood of me attending parties within the city will be considerably less than the amount attended during the summer. If you happened to miss SpelHouse 2012 because you were unable to come back to the city or are not apart of the Spelman and Morehouse extended family check out the video below, produced by I.L.C Studios, which offers a quick look into the festivities that took place.

I do have a mix that was done by DJ Kaos. I will provide the download link until I am able to create a music player for it.

Link: SpelHouse Homecoming  2012 Mix

Until next time… Namaste


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