Just Different People, We Are

We live in a world that is more connected than ever before. Not only via the internet and global awareness but citizens of different nations are becoming residents of other nations in an effort to achieve their dreams and goals. We as a race, humans, are an extremely interesting one. The cultures that make up the different regions of the world add to that factor. Our difference is what truly makes us an amazing race. But sometimes it is our ignorance of our differences that hinders our ability to unite as one race and live in harmony.

Many people become so engulfed in their own culture and it’s ideologies that they are not open to experience another culture for the sake of experiencing it. Sure, not all activities of one’s culture may be received well by a newcomer to the culture but at the very least one should be able to accept the differences and respect the new culture for it means something to the natives. It’s easier to say I accept people from all walks of life until you are faced with those alternative lifestyles that others may live by. Sure you’d love to be an open-minded person but there are some things that you may just not be able to accept, no matter how hard you try.

That’s not to say you are a bad person if you cannot take certain alternatives versus others, it just means that you are a human who has lived his or her life according to certain standards and as open as you’d like to be, that one thing just does not cut it for you. BUT if you find yourself accepting certain people for certain things and not others for the same certain things – well then my friend that makes you a bit of a hypocrite. Yes we all live by certain standards, due to our upbringing, the culture which we were raised, our parental influences and interactions as well as interactions with those in our communities.  That does not mean it is okay to one day be okay with someone’s culture but the next to disrespect the same culture of a totally different person. We’re human, no we are not perfect but I think those of you out there who are searching for inner peace, a unity among the world, or just to live on this earth in harmony with all of her citizens need to THINK like a true citizen of the world.

Jah didn’t make us all to look the same, for us to eat the same foods, for us to have the same experiences, for us to live in the same place. His reasoning for this, I can only infer that he wanted his children to be able to work out their differences and realize that we are not that different after all. We were all created in his image. So at the basis we are equally apart of Jah as Jah is apart of us. I could go into further detail about the differences we face as a people but that would be an extensive post and rather unnecessary because we each face different situation at different times.

I will make a plea to you, however. It is that if you have made a conscious decision to be open to accepting the differences of those around you, continue to do so. Do not skimp when it is suitable, that is for a friend, family member but not a stranger. You are a stranger to someone and there may be things that you do that they do not agree with if they too chose not to accept the differences of a stranger you would realize the hurt, discomfort or disdain for that action. If you so happen to find yourself unable to accept certain things, pay attention to that. Meditate on it. Ask your higher being to give you the guidance and patience to deal with the differences in people that you once were not able to accept, if that is your will. If you are okay with picking and choosing the things which you accept, then by all means continue. Whatever resonates with your spirit at this time, stick to it. Let your spirit guide you to make your decisions, they say following your first mind, the feeling of your gut is usually the correct decision for you to make.

Until next time… Namaste


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